We at FEWTURE® are thrilled to introduce our latest creation for PADI Home, a leader in home décor and furnishings. Our goal in this partnership was to strengthen and redefine the brand image of PADI Home by developing a new, modern logo.

Graphic design 

We created a logo for PADI Home that radiates elegance and modernity. It combines clean lines with a harmonious color palette to make a visual statement that makes the PADI Home brand unmistakable.

This design reflects not only the current trends in graphic design, but also the values and vision of PADI Home. It symbolizes the combination of tradition and innovation and creates instant recognition in all media.

Flyer design

Visual communication that works.

As part of our overall design strategy for PADI Home, we also created a unique flyer. This flyer combines visual elements of the new logo with a clear, inviting message that captures the essence of PADI Home.

Our aim was to create a means of communication that was not only informative but also visually appealing in order to effectively attract the attention and interest of the target group.

The flyer serves as the perfect handout to extend and reinforce PADI Home’s brand presence in the real world.

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