We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our project for Skanvi – a comprehensive development and design of their online store and a complete overhaul of their branding. Our goal was to strengthen Skanvi as a brand and retailer of Scandinavian furniture in the digital space while creating a user-friendly shopping platform that highlights their unique products.

Web development

Our approach for the Skanvi online store focused on developing an intuitive and appealing user interface. We integrated modern e-commerce features to ensure a seamless customer experience. We paid particular attention to the product display, easy navigation and the security of payment transactions in order to present the Skanvi brand in the best possible way and increase sales.


The branding for Skanvi was revised with the aim of creating a fresh and appealing brand identity. We developed a new logo, chose an appealing color palette and created uniform marketing materials. These elements were used strategically to emphasize Skanvi’s brand values and uniqueness. Our focus was on making the brand message clear and memorable in order to create a stronger bond with the target audience.

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